White Dove Foundation began a girls' secondary school in Kigali, Rwanda in 2013. This year, we are approved to add three more grades of "O" level girls-we are excited to expand our school and help more girls to get an education.

Check Out the Start of the School Year in Rwanda at the White Dove Girls' School
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White Dove Foundation is a nonprofit and all donations are fully deductible-97% of all gifts go to Rwanda to provide scholarships to disadvantaged girls who attend White Dove Girls' School. To give


Caregiver Platform

To learn more about the founders of White Dove Foundation and their CaregiverStrong and MajorHope initiatives:


The White Dove Foundation was established to improve education, health and economic inequality for disadvantaged young people. By fostering partnerships among educational institutions, the healthcare industry, private citizens, faith-based ministries, non-profits and businesses, we strive to create understanding, overcome stressful crises, and restore hope, and the identity of an individual or family going through health crises. We define health crises as physical, financial and spiritual struggles that impact society in many ways.
What does White Dove do?

We’ve spent nearly 30 years helping people develop fruitful lives. We work at building schools, businesses, and people. We do it for one reason: we care about health; financial, mental, physical, financial, spiritual, and vocational health.

We have two initiatives; the White Dove Girls’ School in Kigali, Rwanda, and the Caregiver Platform, an education platform for informing and equipping caregivers to be prepared when health crises arise. BridgePaths acknowledges that a major challenge for families impacted by chronic and terminal illness is stress caused by financial issues. We seek to reduce this stress through financial planning and MajorHOPE focuses on reducing stress through spiritual care.
In 2013, we launched the girls’ school and have 20 students, a national director and school administrator and four teachers. Our goal is to expand in 2014 so 50 women can receive a quality education and have 1200 young women attending school in 2018. Our school is the only Girls’ secondary Computer Science School in Rwanda.

Also in 2013 we established the Caregiver Platform, a caregiver and care receiver education program that focuses on a simple theme, to “Love, Teach, and Restore” families impacted by health crises how to be effective caregivers addressing financial planning and spiritual issues. The educational platform “prepares and repairs” current and future generations of caregivers who deal with special needs young people, terminal and chronic illness, aging parents, disabilities, and childhood illnesses.

White Dove understands the struggles that people of all ages currently face or may face in the future. We believe life stresses can be overcome through education, entrepreneurship, and compassionate volunteers and professionals with a passion to give others a chance for a better life. But it takes sacrifice. We are committed to helping young people find their path to success in life. We know our world needs people to come alongside and empower young people. We work to meet that need. We build bridges and create paths for the generations of today and tomorrow.