Our Mission

Welcome to The White Dove Foundation and the White Dove Mission. Our mission includes a variety of initiatives focused on caregiving.

The White Dove Mission includes programs in financial planning for caregivers, spiritual care for families in health, financial and faith crises, workplace caregivers, caregiver self-care, and personal leadership development.

These offerings were created to equip and prepare professional and non-professional service providers to enable them to collaborate with more authority and credibility with caregivers. This an effort to manage a growing societal phenomenon; globally, families with generational health crises.

Our Vision

The White Dove Vision includes a Certification Program that trains, certifies and organizes a network of volunteers and professionals to provide experience, expertise, resources, energy and time for the caregivers in need of assistance and information. This network is called CaregiverStrong.


Graduates more students that attend a University or starts their own business.


Creates a productive and sustainable quality of life that can be replicated throughout the world.


Brings healing to those sick, illiterate, oppressed, impoverished and starving throughout the world.


White Dove Foundation Initiatives

The White Dove Foundation collaborates with underdeveloped nations, for-profit and non-profit organizations, non-government organizations (NGOs), missionary organizations, government agencies, churches, ministries and humanitarian organization.

We acknowledge the great needs around the world and we are lending a hand to work with like-minded and like hearted individuals and groups to leverage resources.

Our Goals…

We provide assessments, proactive training programs, technology tools , strategic planning and faith-based mentoring as well as ‘just-in-time crisis management mentoring.

We improve your understanding and ability to change. We help you identify what is effective in your role and responsibilities, resources, results and encourage resiliency as conditions often change. We also help you identify the issues, problems and worries that others may not recognize.

Lives Impacted