Our Mission

We empower the 'bottom billion' people of the world with jobs, training, leadership and skills to start businesses.

Our Vision

We exist to serve and support the underdeveloped, under-served children, teens and young adults of the world through self-sustaining academic and entrepreneurial programs that positively impact their educational, economic, and health-care needs.


Graduates more students that attend a University or starts their own business.


Creates a productive and sustainable quality of life that can be replicated throughout the world.


Brings healing to those sick, illiterate, oppressed, impoverished and starving throughout the world.


White Dove Foundation Initiatives

The White Dove Foundation was founded in 1997 and is a 501 c 3 tax exempt organization. It has focused on establishing schools, job training and starting up businesses ins Vietnam, India and Rwanda. Our strategy is to infuse capital, equipment, business plans and hiring of leaders and staff over a 5 year plan. Each year White Dove reduces its resources 20% so by the 5th years, the established entity is profitable and self-sustaining and White Dove Foundation steps away and now the school is run and owned by locals in that nation. Thus our philosophy is to empower the indigenous people to take ownership and not remain dependent on outside support.

Lives Impacted